Publications thrive on quality articles. But more so, they are looking for quality freelancers – those who deliver on time, every time. Those that are consistently good.

Here’s a freelancer that prides herself in delivering high-quality work with every assignment.

Sangeeta believes in delivering on time every time. “You are as good as your last article,”  the professional freelance writer and journalist thinks.

From small 100-word pieces to 3000-piece features stories, she writes in an entertaining, effortless style.

Here’s why you should hire her:

  • She’s adept at her craft
  • Her ability to meet deadlines is remarkable
  • Editors on a tight schedule can be sure of her ability to deliver
  • Her story ideas are well researched– editors seem to have difficulty saying “No”.
  • Editors say she’s easy to work with
  • Her education ensures that every article is supported by facts, yet entertaining and useful.

She has written for several New Zealand and international publications in the UK and the US.

Her work covers a range of topics: business, technology, environment, real estate, innovation, travel, supply-chain, mind and soul, psychology, science, expats, women and social issues.

She can also help companies seeking help with PR and corporate communications.


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