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Relaxing in Raglan

(Time Magazine – Europe and Asia editions)

For most foreign visitors, the tiny New Zealand town of Raglan, which numbers no more than 4,000 souls, is about one thing only: surfing. Raglan also offers a wonderful opportunity to do not much at all — in the form of the Hidden Valley Luxury Retreat. Read More


The oldest condrium

(The Economist)

When the Netherlands legalised brothels eight years ago, the mood was upbeat. Politicans thought they were well on the way to solving one of the world’s perpetual policy dilemmas.



Unsafe Haven(Ms Magazine)


Incidents of family-violence-are on the rise in New Zealand.




New Zealand: buyer beware

(The Guardian Weekly)

While a slump in the Kiwi housing market may mean better  deals for homebuyers, expats should be aware of potentially  expensive flaws in houses built between 1996 and  2004. Read more


Keeping it cool in Antarctica

(The Guardian Weekly)

New Zealand Scientists are excited that members of the Antarctic Treaty have accepted their solution to protecting Antarctica. The project is called Environmental Domains of  Antarctica. Read more

Country’s largest semi-automatic warehouse.                                                         oct_nov07

(FTD Supply Chain Management Magazine)

Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ), one of New Zealand’s largest beverage companies, recently finished building a $77 million warehousing facility to handle 31 million physical cases and allow for the storage of 36,700 pallets. Read more



Surviving Cost Challenges in the tech age

Surviving cost challenges in the tech age.

(FTD Supply Chain Magazine)

Technology continues to play a critical role to support these expectations. In fact, automation is already replacing manual counting, reconciliation, paperwork and data entryRead more

Technology makes the world flat - well almostTechnology makes the world flat – well almost!

(FTD Supply Chain Management Magazine)

If there is one thing that separates boys from men in the supply chain industry, it’s the ability to ‘see the future’. (No, they don’t have crystal balls!) But no other industry is as influenced and impacted by global environmental changes as logisticsRead more


Preparing for the mess

(FTD Supply Chain Management Magazine)

Many unpredictable risks like terrorism and natural disasters have compelled New Zealand organisations to upgrade their abilities to cope with contingencies. Read more

It’s not only about wearing shorts and driving!

(Chartered Institute of Logistics and Technology)

The economies that are moving ahead at  lightning pace are those that are nurturing vibrant young  talent and innovative systems. Read more


NZ Trucking

Indian trucks – New Zealand’s transport future

(New Zealand Trucking)

With fuel prices at the top end of the dial, the trucking industry is continuously aware of the need to slim down its  costs while meeting its environmental responsibilities. Read more


Read more

A kinder cut

(Idealog Magazine)

It’s been a rough ride for Kieran Jane, a dyslexic school  dropout with a spinal injury. Nevertheless, Jane now runs a low-profile yet almost  revolutionary business called  KJ Scissors. Read more



Technology and the future supply chain

(MHD Supply Chain Solutions)

With increased pressure on margins, the New Year is likely  to see business leaders relying heavily on the supply chain  management function to help reduce opearting costs,  improve profit margins and increase market share. Read  more


Sustainable solutions for difficult times

(FTD Supply Chain Management Magazine)

Experts say that good infrastructure designs should include provisions for materials, equipment, transport and people to enable the processing of goods in the minimum possible  time. Read more

Organic NZ
Flower Healing

(Organic NZ Magazine)

Many people turn to alternative medicine when they run out of mainstream options. Flower healing is one such option. Just like our personal lives, the environmental psychology of a workplace can be changed by including flowers and plants. Read More


Social Media

Online networks not just social

(NZ Herald’s The Business)

Business is latching on to social networking’s profit potential. Consumers are spending more time online. A US study by KnowledgeStorm revealed 69% of business-to-business buyers use social media primarily for business networking and development. Read more


Creating waves

(Idealog Magazine)

Ten years ago Paul Beckett developed the Blokart land yacht in his Papamoa garage. A lightweight speedster that could fit in a car boot, was a culture and style statement with a fanbase that travels the globe, chasing the wind and each other. Read more



Sulphur City

(Asia Geographic Passport Magazine)

You can smell Rotorua long before you set eyes on it. Don’t be put off by the unwelcoming wafts of hydrogen sulphide that greet you – a paradise in wilderness awaits. Read more



Facebook, Tweeting as a way of life

(Exporter Magazine)

Exporters who are not leveraging the power of social media are losing out on a potent global channel for their products. There is no doubt that social media will play a key in export growth. Read more





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